Aaron & Matisse


The Old Rock Church


When a bride and groom plan a wedding, there are a lot of things they can control. The food, the venue, usually the guests (ask me about that later), the song they dance to or the day they get married. With a fall wedding, you never really know what you’ll get. In the case of this wedding, they had a beautiful fall day at the perfect time of year when the leaves were just beginning to turn.

Bride and groom dance under the lights at the Old Rock Church

With a perfect fall day, these two planned everything down. A custom first dance, check. An outdoor venue featuring large photos by the talented Alice and flowers across the entire venue, check and check. I’ve been able to film a couple of weddings with Arlette and The Fleur Market and each one has been amazing. It makes my job easier to capture beautiful shots when the venue is at a beautiful location, the decor is great and the couple is full of energy and love.