I have been creating cinematic wedding videos for 7 years and producing commercial video work for 10.

I have the experience and passion for creating wedding videos that bring out emotion of your special day. Getting to know the couples and creating something that I know they'll get to cherish forever is something I absolutely love.

A little more personal about me is that I've been married to my amazing wife Kenzii for almost 5 years now. We have two little dogs that chase each other around the house and we tend to split time between Utah and Idaho Falls.

My full-time job is with Utah State University. I create (produce/shoot/edit) a lot of their marketing content. When I'm not working for USU, filming weddings, or spending time with family, I'll also do freelance video work for some other international companies that's taken me to various parts of the world.

I love video. It engages me with people and lets me hear their story, it takes me to new places, and challenges me everyday to learn more. I love learning from others and educating those around me as well.

Here are some examples of personal videos and commercial work that I've created

Venice, Italy

Our first trip to Europe

USU Video Work

Aggie Impact - Connecting People to the Outdoors