From the Mountains to the Desert


Plans don’t always go as expected. That seemed to be the motto for 2021 weddings. Luke and Bailey however, made the most of it and I’m completely in love with their wedding. It started in 2020 in Northern Utah. A beautiful first look up the canyon, and a ceremony on a wonderful summer evening filled with food, cake and dancing. And then there were the toasts.

This was the third wedding I had been a part of with the Johnson family. Luke the last of them. And if there was one thing the previous weddings taught me, it was the value of a good speech. Background, insights, and interesting memories were always exposed. But that’s what it’s all about, share an evening with friends and family and reminiscing about all of the wonderful times that have happened and looking to the future.

The future would be a temple sealing in Las Vegas. A day that would bring family together again. The desert landscape and the tree-filled temple grounds were a new experience to my wedding background. The Las Vegas Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints featured so many green plants along with a beautiful sunset. So for couples going through the challenges of planning weddings around Covid and other difficult times, this wedding proved that it’s all about making the most of every situation and loving every moment. Time will always move forward, so enjoy the moments and look forward.


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