Andrew & Raquel


Red Butte Gardens


Andrew and Raquel’s wedding had a little bit of everything. The two met thanks to a blind date, but if you go back before then, this moment, their meeting almost never happened. You see, Andrew fought for his life. A gun shot accident all but killed him when he was growing up and it’s changed his outlook on life.

Those emotions seemed to come out through the evening as Raquel and Andrew celebrated their love with their family and close friends. While the highlight of the wedding night is often the dancing and partying, my favorite moment was just before the party began with Andrew and his family gathered in a circle, holding each other and shedding tears of joy. One can only imaging when life is almost taken from you, each significant moment makes after makes you feel even more grateful. But this story is about two people, Andrew and Raquel. The two danced like crazy for hours. They never stopped jumping, smiling, and laughing.

So their wedding to me wasn’t about the venue, the decor, and all the details I often focus on when I’m filming, but rather their story, their love and emotion.

60-second Teaser